The level of tuition is terrific. The instructors are professional, patient and caring.

Hartwell riding stables has been a real find for us. My Daughter has been riding there now for 5 years. As a family we have never been around horses before, so it was remarkable how quickly we fitted in to the culture of Hartwell. I decided to choose our local stables for convenience, but I have not regretted that choice. I was quite nervous that we might find riding a bit of an exclusive club that we would not find comfortable. I was wrong.

When I first met Jackie I was surprised at how comfortable she made me feel. There was the right mix of efficiency, friendliness and more importantly to me, her concerns for the safety of the children and the welfare of the horses and ponies. The Management and staff at Hartwell are warm, friendly, polite and caring. The other customers are friendly too. I would truly miss my chats with the other mums and dads, who like me, all seem to jump every fence with their children as they watch them. We welcome the cups of tea and coffee that keep us warm while we watch and wait and I have even been lucky enough to sample Gary’s cooking when he is rehearsing a special Christmas dinner

My Daughter loves Hartwell and as unbelievable as it all sounds, I do not have a bad word to say about it. She may not become the next Olympian, but she has learned a lot of positive life lessons whilst being part of the ‘Hartwell family’ which has given her confidence, the chance to love all animals, a good work ethic and a tenacity to never give up.

Thank you Hartwell

Toni Burrows, Aylesbury